Robin Hood 2

Robin Hood 2 1.0.7

Fun RPG game that merges Robin Hood with Ali Baba


  • Fun to play
  • Simple controls
  • Amusing storyline


  • Primative combat sequences

Very good

Robin Hood 2 is a fun cartoon-style RPG game for Java phones which sees a young versions of the famous bowman travel to the Middle East.

Little did we know that before forming that famous band of merry men, Robin was helping out the king of England during the religious wars of the East. In Robin Hood 2 you must travel through a magical land full of evil genies, possessed enemies and a mad sultan.

The story in Robin Hood 2 is well put together, with lots of jokes and ironic touches thrown in. The cartoon graphics reflect the light-hearted nature of the game, and the style is very much in keeping with the Zelda games.

The controls in Robin Hood 2 are based around the keypad keys and it's easy to switch between use of your sword and bow and arrow. There's an in-game options menu that shows you where you are on a map, and lets you see what items you've collected.

Robin Hood 2 must be the first game to blend the legends of Robin Hood and Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves together - and it works! It's a fun adventure full of humor.

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Robin Hood 2


Robin Hood 2 1.0.7

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